mctooLAME: What is it?

A LayerII MPEG Audio encoder which supports multi-channel encoding (e.g. 5.1).

mctooLAMEd: What is it?

Any multi-channel MPEG audio file should decode fine in any mpeg audio player - but you mightn't get the full multichannel experience. If your player does not support multi-channel MPEG files, then you will get a 2-channel downmix of the 5 channels.

mctooLAMEd will decode a multi-channel MPEG audio file into all its seperate channels. It will produce (a) a multichannel AIFF file (b) one WAV file for each channel in the MPEG file.


Go to sourceforge to download them.

More Info

There's more info on my main projects page.

Sample Sound Files